Vicksburg to Raleigh;
A Complete History
of the
Twelfth Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry,
And the
Campaigns of Grant and Sherman,
An Outline of the Great Rebellion.

By M. D. Gage, Chaplain

Clarke & Co., Publishers

Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1865,
By M. D. Gage,
In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States,
for the Northern District of Illinois


To the
Surviving Members of the Regiment,
Whose Services
Are Herein Recorded,
And to the
Friends of their Fallen Comrades,
This Volume
is Affectionately Inscribed,
The Author


This unpretending volume is prepared at the urgent solicitation of the officers and men of the Regiment, whose services it records. The author offers no apology for adding to the long list of books with which the press is teeming, upon the subject of our recent struggle for the permanency of free institutions. The field of thought and range of topics are so wide that a record of individual experience and observation, as well as the movements of armies, will command attention, since all well understood that the glory of our arms has been secured through the efficiency of the individual soldier, under subordinate commanders. While our great leaders and their noble armies are exalted to the highest position of honor, it will not be deemed presumptuous for the various sub-divisions of those armies to claim their right to be heard. The object of their volume is to present the outline of the operations in the Valley of the Mississippi and in the several Cotton States, in which the Twelfth Indiana volunteer Infantry participated. If the numerous friends of the Indiana soldiers are led to appreciate their services more fully by reading this volume, the aim of the author will be secured.

CHICAGO, August 28, 1865


 Chapter I  Organization and Service on the Potomac
 Chapter II  Reorganization and Service in Kentucky
 Chapter III  Campaign in Northern Mississippi
 Chapter IV  Retrospect of the Year
 Chapter V  The Coming of the Mail
 Chapter VI  Winter Quarters at Grand Junction
 Chapter VII  Camp at Fort Loomis
 Chapter VIII  The Vicksburg Campaign
 Chapter IX  The Jackson Campaign
 Chapter X  Rest at Camp Sherman
 Chapter XI  The Chattanooga Campaign
 Chapter XII  Relief of Knoxville
 Chapter XIII  Winter Quarters at Scottsboro
 Chapter XIV  The Atlanta Campaign
 Chapter XV  Battle of Resaca
 Chapter XVI  Battle of Dallas
 Chapter XVII  Battle of Kenesaw Mountain
 Chapter XVIII  Battle of Atlanta
 Chapter XIX  Battle of Ezra Church
 Chapter XX  Battle of Jonesboro
 Chapter XXI  Camp at East Point
 Chapter XXII  Pursuit of Hood
 Chapter XXIII  The Savannah Campaign
 Chapter XXIV  The South Carolina Campaign
 Chapter XXV  Battle of Bentonville
 Chapter XXVI  Advance upon Raleigh
 Chapter XXVII  Homeward Bound
 Chapter XXVIII  Conclusion
 Regimental Register

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