Veterans of 12th

Survivors of Old Indiana Regiment Renew Acquaintance in Warsaw
Tell Tales of Camp and Battle
Excellent Program is Given in Presence of Large Audience Which Filled Hall to Overflowing

Tuesday was an ideal day for the initial session of the reunion of the Twelfth Indiana Volunteer Infantry, in Warsaw. Survivors of the regiment began arriving as early as Monday evening. A large number were on hand Tuesday morning, others came by the Pennsylvania and Big Four railroads and the Winona Interurban railway. The survivors of the old regiment, after registering, spent the entire day in renewing old acquaintances and in looking about the city. In the afternoon and in squads from 2:30 to 4:30 they attended an informal reception at the home of Mrs. Williams, widow of the late Gen. Reub Williams, who was colonel of the Twelfth Indiana. The business district was in gala attire Tuesday, bunting and flags being displayed in honor of the boys who distinguished themselves in 1861-65. The Twelfth Indiana made a gallant record in the civil war. The first organization was enlisted May 11, 1861, for state service, with John M. Wallace as colonel. In July following it was transferred to the U. S. service and left Evansville for Baltimore and thence to Harpers Ferry, where it was assigned to Gen. Banks' Army of the Shenandoah. During the year marches were made to Darnestown, Nolan's Ferry, Seneca Creek, Tuscarora, Point of Rocks, Hyattstown, Urbana and Frederick. In October different companies of the regiment were stationed at Dam No. 4, Sharpsburg and other points on the Maryland side of the Potomac, where they were engaged in picket and out-post duty until March, 1862, during which time skirmishing and picket firing across the river were frequent.

The second organization of the Twelfth was effected May 17, 1862, for three years' service or during the war, with Col. W. H. Link as commander. It participated in the battle of Richmond, Ky., losing 173 in killed and wounded, including Col. Link who died of wounds, the greater portion of the regiment being captured and paroled. Lieut. Col. Reub Williams succeeded Col. Link, being promoted to the colonelcy. The regiment joined Grant's army surrounding Vicksburg in 1863 and on reaching there was assigned to Gen. John A. Logan's Fifteenth Army Corps, in which it served until the close of the war, participating in all its marches, battles and skirmishes. The regiment took part in the famous Atlanta campaign and fought in the battles of Resaca, New Hope Church, Dallas, Kenesaw Mountain, Atlanta, Jonesboro, etc., losing 240 in killed and wounded during that memorable campaign. The Twelfth then took part in the chase of Hood's army. Returning to Atlanta it accompanied Sherman's army on its "March to the Sea" After the fall of Savannah the regiment proceeded to Beaufort, N.C., thence to Columbia, Goldsborough and Raleigh, participating in the battles at Columbia and Bentonville. It then went to Richmond, and on the surrender of Johnston's army was ordered to Washington, D. C., where it was mustered out of the service on June 8, 1865, the regiment returning to Indianapolis only 270 strong, having taken part in twenty-eight hard-fought battles and hundreds of skirmishes during its term of service.

The campfire held Wednesday evening at the Warsaw Opera House in connection with the annual reunion of the Twelfth Indiana regiment was largely attended. Long before the first number on the program was taken up every seat in the playhouse was occupied and many persons found it necessary to stand, the Warsaw Military Band playing a concert program before the campfire commenced. The program was ope3ned with the singing of "America" by the audience, led by the Warsaw Male quartet. The invocation was given by Dr. E. S. Scott, of Winona Lake, a member of the Eighty-ninth Ohio regiment.

The address of welcome was given by Capt. John N. Runyan in his characteristic manner. He said among other things "Where now stands the pride of our city, the court house in 1861 there stood a modest frame building, inside of which and about the steps of which in the fall of that year the people responded to the rattling roll of the drum and the shrill notes of the fife. In every northern city similar scenes were being enacted. Fort Sumpter had been fired upon and the people were in danger and you of the Twelfth regiment placed your names on the list of the defenders of this nation and were among the very first to go to war, many being only fifteen to eighteen years of age, casting aside the home ties and donning the blue. There were older men too, but none of them are with us today. They have passed the allotted three score and ten years. You sacrificed the home for the open tents, hardships and danger. Comrades, on behalf of the city of Warsaw I most heartily welcome you and every resident of this city extends to you a hand of kindly greeting. It is the earnest desire of the people of Warsaw that your time should be filled with pleasure. We great you with warm heart and open hand."

The response to the address of welcome was by Mrs. Houton C. Frazer, daughter of Marshal H. Parks, deceased, of Warsaw, know as the "Daughter of the Twelfth Regiment." She said among other things: "It gives me great pleasure to respond to this royal welcome by our captain, but I think that it is due you to know that Comrade George Steele, of this regiment, was to have given this response. I think that you know that you are welcome here, but I am glad that Captain Runyan has emphasized the fact. The first regimental reunion of the Twelfth Indiana regiment was held in Warsaw, in 1886. In looking over some old papers of my father I found a program of this first reunion and it contains the names of a great many comrades who have answered the last roll call. It was at this reunion that I first met the beloved chaplain of the Twelfth, Chaplain Gage. I remember hearing him tell his war stories."

Mrs. Frazer then read several extracts from a diary kept by his father during the war and which journal goes into the minutest particulars of the organization of the Twelfth regiment and the movements of the regiment.

A selection by the Warsaw Male quartet was well received. This was followed by a flag drill by twenty young girls in charge of Mrs. Noah McComb. The drill was cleverly executed and the participants displayed careful training. The instructor and young women admirably acquitted themselves. "The Star-Spangled Banner," a vocal solo by Mrs. C. W. Burket was one of the feature numbers of the program. The Warsaw Male quartet gave another selection. Prof. W. H. Mershon rendered a drum solo, which was particularly appreciated by the old veterans. Letters from absent comrades were read by Mrs. T. R. Boulton. Campfire talks, led by Dr. E. S. Scott, of Winona Lake, also proved to be a feature of the program. Comrade Henry W. Graham spoke at some length. Stereopticon pictures were presented and the portraits of President Lincoln, Chaplain M. D. Gage, General Reub Williams and General Sherman were shown as were flashes of "Old Glory," the G.A.R badge, etc.

At the meeting on Tuesday afternoon a permanent organization of the Twelfth was formed, the following officers being elected:
President W. H. H. Bennett, Warsaw
Vice President John Witzel, Peru
Permanent Secretary T. R. Boulton, Warsaw
Assistant Secretary John Lingel, Huntington
Treasurer - John A. Peterson, Warsaw

A committee to draft a constitution to be submitted at the next meeting was named as follows:
Capt. B. F. Price chairman;
J. E. Loughrey and W. P. Crowell, all of Monticello

The place for holding the next reunion was not decided on, the matter being left with the officers, who will meet a month before the regular time of holding the annual gathering of 1909 and decide upon a place and immediately notify all members of the regiment by mail or in person. "It is hardly right to invite ourselves to this town or that and I am in favor of leaving the meeting place with a committee," said a member of the regiment when the subject of a meeting place was brought up and others expressed the same opinion. Among the cities and towns mentioned as desiring the reunion of 1909 were: Indianapolis, Huntington, Monticello, Greensburg and Columbus.

At a brief meeting held Wednesday morning a vote of thanks was extended to the people of Warsaw for their hospitality, to the retiring officers of the regiment, to those who participated in the camp fire program and to all those persons who assisted in entertaining the members of the regiment. At 9:30 o'clock adjournment was taken. Immediately afterwards the members of Company I and F, of the Twelfth regiment began their annual reunion. Short talks in the nature or reminiscences were made by several members. Officers were elected as follows:
President, W. H. H. Bennett, Warsaw
Vice President, F. M. Jaques, Silver Lake
Secretary, L. L. Lamkins, Warsaw
Corresponding secretary, J. A Peterson, Warsaw.
The next reunion will be held next year at the home of F. M. Jaques in Silver Lake.

The members of the Twelfth Indiana who registered are:
John R. Marshall, Co. C, Warsaw
W. H. Bowen, Co. F, Warsaw
F. M. Williams, Co. F, Remus, Mich.
John N. Runyan, Co. H, Warsaw
Nathan B. McConnell, Co. E, Warsaw
W. H. Walton, Co. E, Warsaw
George Inks, Co. B, Wolcottville
George H. Johnson, Co. K, Fort Wayne
James Snyder, Co. C, Laura
T. R. Boulton, Co. F, Warsaw
George Dawson, Co. E, Warsaw
John Willard, Co. F, Syracuse
George W. Stoler, Co. F, Pierceton
Samuel R. Hamlin, Co. E, Warsaw
David Kile, Co. F, North Webster
Oliver Sloan, Co. E, Warsaw
W. M. Silver, Co. F, Hoopeston, Ill
B. W. Mankin, Co. F, Huntington
J. A. Peterson, Co. F, Warsaw
R. M. Cloud, Co. D, Fort Wayne
M. Johnston, Co. K, Fort Wayne
Lorenzo L. Lamkins, Co. I, Warsaw
C. P. Nicely, Co. H, Warsaw
William H. Jordan, Co. A, Bourbon
John Montel, Co. I, Atwood
Christian Widman, Co. F, Inwood
W. H. Sparrow, Co. I, Parsons
B. F. James, Co. E, Leesburg
F. W. Malott, Co. C, Marion
F. W. Kromm, Co. D, Rockfield
Stansbury Little, Co. A, Rockfield
John Whitezel, Co. C, Peru
John Lengel, Co. F, Huntington
Mrs. Maggie Lengel, Co. F, Huntington
Charles Kohser, Co. I, North Manchester
B. F. Price, Co. D, Monticello
Monroe Kreider, Co. I, Silver Lake
Mrs. Ellen Montel, Co. I, Atwood
Mrs. Electra Snyder, Co. I, Silver Lake
Franklin Miller, Co F, Huntington
J. E. Loughry, Co. D, Monticello
T. W. Irlan, Co. D, Delphi
G. W. Sherbundy, Co. I, Silver Lake
John McKeehan, Co. F, Leesburg
J. W. Groves, Co. B, Warsaw
Thomas M. Rash, Co. G, Greenville
Harry R. Todd, Co. D, Young America
J. W. Mason, Co. D, Brookston
Marion Jaques, Co. F, Silver Lake
Henry A. Ferree, Co. I, Silver Lake
Joseph Baker, Co. E, Warsaw
A. C. McCarter, Co. A, Warsaw

Northern Indianian Thursday October 1, 1908

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