Sell K. of P. Property Here

Sale of the Knights of Pythias home, pictured here, to Wilbur (Doc) Gill, as well as the K. of P.-owned Gulf service station property just west of the home, to the Graff Coal and Oil company, was announced today by Herb Benson, chairman of the lodge trustees.

Both sales have been approved by the lodge trustees and the Grand lodge, Benson said, and the deals need only to be officially written in contracts to be completed.

The Knights of Pythias home is located on the north side of East Center street, just east of the High street intersection, and the Gulf service station, long operated by Frank Firestone, is located adjacent to the home on the west.

Benson said the Knights of Pythias lodge has purchased for $2,250 a tract of nearly one acre from Arthur Dennis, located on the east side of the extension of South Buffalo street, just adjoining south of the Mrs. Frank Harmon residence, and across the street east of a filling station owned by the E. A Gast family of this city.

It is planned to start building immediately a new Knights of Pythias home on the new location, which will be approximately 90 by 60 feet and will be a one story structure with an auditorium and state, Benson said.

Trustees of the Knights of Pythias lodge, in addition to Benson are Charles Andrews and Ralph Thompsonl.

To Tear Down Home
Gill, who operates a motel just east of the present K of P home, said he planned to tear down the home and build an addition to his motel.

Wayne Graff, operator of the Graff Coal and Oil company, said he would assume ownership of the Gulf service station and intended to enlarge it and give the station more frontage.

Firestone, who operates a Royal cab service at the filling station, said he would move his cab business across to the west side of High street, to a building owned by William Chinworth and which until a year ago was occupied by the Service Electric company, operated by Robert Breading, Jr. Firestone has already moved some of his equipment. He plans to discontinue his filling station services and devote his entire activities to his taxicab business.

The K of P home is a landmark in this city. Some 78 or 80 years old, it was originally the home of the prominent Gibson family of early Warsaw days.


Warsaw Times-Union Friday Nov. 5, 1954 front page

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