60 of 78 Classes Represented At Warsaw High School Alumni Reunion

To Meet Again June 15, 1958
Warsaw high school alumni attending the recent reunion at the county fairgrounds totaled 356, representing 60 classes of the 78-year history of the local institution of education. Date of the next get-together is Sunday, June 15, 1958. Miss Mary Jane Shepler, president, said today that she hoped all alumni would make the date on their calendars of activities. Previous meetings have been held on Saturday, and due to the press of business, it is believed many were unable to attend.

A number of the earlier classes were represented at the last Warsaw high school reunion by one or two members only.

Miss Eulalia Everhard graduated with the Class of 1886; John F. Shoup, 1890; Miss Rozella Ford, 1894; Elmer Funk and Miss Francis Sharp, Miss Blanche Loveday, 1896; Mrs. May (Floyd) Funk, 1897; and Mrs. Edith (Goldsmith) Coons, 1900.

Register by Classes
Others attending the reunion registered by class years as follows:
1903 Bertha Bartol, Bessie May Lowrey and Miriam Netter.
1904 Lula Curry, Earl T. Foster, Hazel Robbins, Lucy Upson, Harry Wann and Allena Collins Wilson.
1905 William A. Coleman and Creed Thomas
1906 Ada Deerwester, Eva Kissinger Dowd, Venus Hathaway and Harriet Lessig Wann.
1908 Melvin Goshert, Eliza Hickman and Flora Wahler Pottenger.
1909 Florence Nye Garner and R. B. (Ted) Williams
1910 Lawrence Brubaker, Joe Lessig, Gale Robbins and Lucile Morris Shipley.
1911 Walter Makesom, Ray Miner, Sam Rosbrugh and James Tuttle.
1912 Kathryn Sutton Coy, Joe Ettinger, Adria Pound Orr and Daphne Pletcher Stevens
1913 Mary Kutz Babcock, Athelia Sutcliff Makesom, George (Pinkie) McClellan and Fae Oram Rosbrugh
1914 Harold Beyer, Russell Brown, Nellie Hahn Ettinger, Mae Anderick Goshert, Hester Rife Kempel, Hurless Nine and Katherine Kline Thomas

2 1915 Alumni Present

1915 Will Bennett and Hazel Parks Maish
1916 Donald Lessig, Florence Pearl Kelly Munson and Edithe Galentine Oberli.
1917 Vera Elder Bennett, Helen Kyle, Wilma Tully Mathews, Rulo Minear, William Orr and Lyda Kelly Stokes.
1918 Mabel Walbern Kimball, Maybelle Crist Merkle, Leah Zimmer and Bernice Heeter Struck.
1919 Roscoe Brown, Hazel Moore Cook, Mildred Kinch Creakbaum, Marie Gill Deaton, Lucille Scott Hazen, Moness Cook Lessig, Mary B. VanCuren Outcelt, Russell Schue, Wilma Schue, Wilma Scott and Pauline Whittenberger Sparks.

1920 George Bowser, Devere Brant, Muza White Gareaud, Harold Hillegas, Athol Hartman Leighty, Edith Bryan Lichtenwalter and Harold Stevens.
1921 Beatrice Ewen Goyer, Mamie Edgington Braddock, Ernest Byrer, Lucetta Frantz, Clarence Hartman, Harry Miller, Louise Stookey Pfahler, Edith Ross Rife, Paul Reid and Blanche Sutherlin Wilhelm.

13 Grads of 1922
1922 Marietta Sinnott Aylor, Edwin Boyer, Raymond (Sport) Essig, Robert Frush, Ruth Hubler, Estelle Lynch, Lorinda Thompson Minear, Gladys Bowen Schaumann, Mildred Yeager Smith, Grace Evans Snyder, Mildred Thomas Cucchette, Lucylle Gillespie Truex and Ruth Bollenbaugh Willard.
1923 Charles Barringer, Nellie Brown Fisher, Oliver Griffith, Estelle Heeter, Bernice Davis Hilligas, Mildred Longfellow LaFollette, Robert Pfleiderer and Helen Gilliam Schade.
1924 Wilbur Berkey, Wayne Brownell, Mildred Bruner Essig, Bernice Hale, Eleanor Nye Manwaring, Frank Valentine, Wayne Wertenberger and Martha Fike White.
1925 Dorothy Clase Frauhiger, Mary Poor Hoffer, Margaret Edgington Holmes, Iva Lozier, Homer Ring and Dale Sutherlin.
1926 Marian Pierce Boyd, Nelson Cook, Ralph Frantz, Howard Kimes, Hazel Perry, Priscille Marhews Pettis, Esther Pfeiderer, George Snyder and Karl Weick.
1927 Edna Stevens Carpenter, Susue Chinworth Erwin, Leonard Mauzy, Freeland Phillips and Loretta Sellers Smith.
1928 Clover Davis Paxton, Joe Paxton, Irene Cassel Perry, Margaret Barr Phillips, Alberta Jay Sutherlin and Miriam Yeager Swoverland.
1929 Myrtle Goshorn Anglin, Tom Braddock, Cary Groninger, Fred Hilligas, Donald Schade and Leo Valentine.
1930 Edythe Silveus Braddock, Max Hull, Ruth Callison Mort and Inez Barringer Watkins.

1930's Well Represented
1931 Mary E. Watkins Gerard, Stanley Kintzel, David Gast, David Poor, Phyllis Russell Dowling, Helen Firestone Mellott, Bernice Hostetler Valentine, Helen Warner Smith, Max Gibbs, Dawn Seward Gibbs and Francis Thayer Groninger.
1932 Eliza Cook Adams, Bonnie Bratt, Ora Hildebrand Hartman, Geraldine Hines Lemjma, Luella Long Longenbaugh, Harriett Brenneman McGlynn, Mildred Bradway Meyer and Louis Stewart.
1933Miriam Davis Bolenbaugh, Maxine Landis Breading, Winifred Sanders Cluen, Hurley Gerard, Jack Gibbs, Clara Mae Hankins Michael and Gail Morrison.
1934 Fred Gresso, Geirogia Loveday Kaufman, Carl Latta, Dixie Dykes Lawshe, Katherine Eppley Mauzy, Verna Cook Randalls and Martha Dock Thomas.
1935 Wilma Ruse Barsh, William Braddock, Ione Diddel, Helen Bolton Dinneen, Francis Williams Dobbins, Edna Alice Evers, Arthur Lloyd, Vivian Myers Manrow, Howard Smith, Dorothy Wysong and John Widaman.
1936 Evelyn Barnhart, Martha Bartol Bock, Ruth Shepler Brown, Carl Dobbins, Gael Munson, Lavon Smith Ohmart and Russell Wilson.
1937 Jean McCullough Braddock, George Bumbaugh, Jack Cluen, Harriett Smith Gawthrope, Frederick Gilliam, Katie A. Worley Kintzel, Pat Shane Levoff, Maxine Pittenger McHaren, Herberta Robinson Munson, Robert Robbins, Amelia Jobe Shaffer and Gene Calvert Troy.
1938 Charlotte Marie Snyder, Forest Eherenman, Marguerite Robinson Gilliam, Charlotte Clover Kingston, Fran Smith Lloyd, Frances Cook Metzger and Doris Pletcher Wright.
1939 Lester Denny, Flo Taylor Gill, Wilbur Gill, Charles Hay and Margaret Hauth Taylor.
1940 Doris Frush Ayzarn, Robert Gast, Roma Weaver Mathews, Jean Thomas Risner, Alice Kelly Schooley and Bob Zimmer.
1942 Bett;y Shaw Colt, Barbara Shipley Gable, Robert Haney, Claude Kinch, Margery Adams Kintzel, Betty Shaw Orcutt, Mary Jane Shepler, Ben Titus and Nick Unowicz.
1943 Virginia Lytle Brown, Eleanor Robinson Gill, Robert Gill, Delores Yarian Jones, Esther Ettinger Lackey, Don Nichols and William Petro.

2 of Class of 1944
1944 Devon Johnson, Scotty Jones and Bernard Minear.
1946 Bob Babcock, Ann Lessig Corzine, Gene Fifer, Phyllis Cook Gearhart, Pauline Holderman, Pauline Anderson Hoskin, Suzie Rigdon Lichtenwalter, Gene Olinger, Betty Alexander Parker and Esther Zimmer Wise.
1947 Richard Dobbins, Richard Heagy, Francis Kepler, Phyllis Latta Kirkendall, Donald Lora, Warren Tatter and John Wolfe.
1948 Richard Armington, Josephine Blosser Bushnell, Jo Ann Heagy Dye, Herbert Dye, Virgina Dimon Hanna, Ellen Broughton Hawkins, Malcolm Landis, Marieta Moon Lobdell, John Rasor, Fred Schmitt and Stanley Stokes.
1949 Joyce Taylor Boggs, Ferrel Brallier, Pattie Wilson Brallier, Gordon Crates, Joellen Mathia Hauth, Marilyn Miner Hunt, Cecil Latta, Mary J. Grandstaff Schmitt, Pat Sisk, Bill Stevens, Carol Slocum Sumpter, Jack Sumpter and Joan Porter Wolfe.
1950 Aneta Lear Fifer, Mary Alice Howe Hamilton, Edna Marie Hankins, Joan Fike Holle, Barbara Parker and Nancy Knee Wuthrich.
1951 Donna Ford Olinger and Freda Shaw Sellers.
1952 Charles Ker, Bill Miner, Richard Plotner and Marcia Hartman Stokes.
1953 Elizabeth Armstrong, Thelma Smith Clark, Shirley Holbrook, Glenn Longenecker, Dennis Runyan, Max Stackhouse, Beverly Adams Styles and Larry Woodling.
1954 Doris Blosser, Jim Funk, Shirley Ringer, David Runyan, Jerry Schaaf and Patty Sumpter.
1955 Betsy Dalton, Carol Eggers, Jo Ellen Hartman, Lyn Menzie, Don Millington, Robert Moore, Annie Steele and Don Truex.
1956 Peter Buffi, Melvin Gunter, Serim Gursoy, David Phillips, Gordon Sand and Everett Vance.

Alumni dues ($1) may be sent to Thomas LeHew, the new treasurer, 610 West Center street, Warsaw.

Warsaw Times-Union Monday July 30, 1956

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