Mrs. Virginia Green, Knox,

New Circuit Court Reporter

by Marguerite Sand, Times-Union Women's Editor

There is a new presence in Circuit Court these days. You can't miss her no matter how impressed you are by the somberness of the chamber, its lawyers with their parties of the first and second parts, the dignity of the arbiter of the law, Judge Seth Rowdabaugh.

She is Mrs. Virginia Green, the new court reporter.

Mrs. Green, an attractive blonde, is just as efficient as she is good to look at. She is a native of Knox, where her father, Floyd Hoover, is a practicing attorney.

Floowing her graduation from Gary high school, Mrs. Green attended Indiana university extension at Gary for two years, later studied business administration at the Gregg school in Chicago.

During her business career she has been a manager of showrooms at Chicago Merchandise Mart, secretary at Kingsbury Ordinance plant at LaPorte; court reporter at Starke county circuit court at Knox; executive secretary of American Safety Rasor corporation; and executive secretary and office manager to Donna Workman, president of Workman and Workman, Inc. at Chicago.

Son in Army
Mrs. Green's 18-year-old son, Keith Alan Green, left Monday for Europe where he will be stationed with the armed forces.

The court reporter not only records cases but is responsible for exhibits. According to Mrs. Green these can be almost anything. One time she was custodian of a dirty oil can, another time it was bonds worth thousands of dollars.

Amusing as well as tragic things happen in a court of law. Mrs. Green tells of the time when the poke was on an attorney. A boy was being questioned about a traffic accident. The attorney asked him if he had ever been involved in any others. The boy replied, "No, but I almost did once." When asked when the incident had occurred, the boy said, "When you pulled to the left in front of me in trying to get a parking place across the street."

There are times, Mrs. Green said when it is hard for a court reporter to keep up. Attorneys in trying to bring out a point, cross examine the witness rapidly. Questions and answers fly. "It is at such times," Mrs. Green said, "that I clench my teeth and hang on."

"The work of a court reporter is extremely interesting," Mrs. Green said. All phases of legal work are absorbing, and one gains a lot of knowledge of law in general."

Warsaw Times Union Friday, Feb. 8, 1957

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