January 1970

 Pasadena: U.S.C. over Michigan 10-3 in Rose Bowl.

 Israeli pilots ("Moshe's Marauder's") attack military targets in Egypt.

Quarterback Len Dawson holds as Jan Stenerud kids a field goal in this year's Super Bowl. The Chiefs vanquished coach Bud Grant's Minnesota Vikings 23-7 in New Orleans for football's highest honors.

 NASA announces it will cut 50,000 jobs

 U.S. Secretary of Defense Melvin Laird announces defense reductions will cut 1.25 million jobs.

 Tripoli: Col. Muammar Khadafy becomes primier of Libya.

 Pan Am flies 747 New York to London first time, with 330 passengers.

 Paris: Playwright Eugene Ionesco elected to French Academy.

 Jerusalem: High court rules children may be registered by nationality rather than religion.

 Philadelphia: Nixon gives Medal of Freedom to conductor Eugene Ormandy.

 Manila: Mrs. and Mrs. Marcos attacked by protesters throwing stones, bottles.

 U. S. Senate passes bill allowing FBI to enter without warning or ID during drug raids.

 DEATH - Erich Heckel, German Expressionist painter b. 7/31/1883

Egypt: Israeli jet attack suburbs of Cairo.

Arthur Ashe, third ranking tennis player in the U.S. has been denied a visa to play in South Africa because of the black athlete's view on apartheid.

 Israel: Cabinet reverses court ruling allowing definition of Jew by nationality.

 Manila: Two killed as 2,000 storm presidential palace protesting corruption in Marcos government

 Louisiana: LSU star Pet Maravich breaks collegiate basketball scoring record.

 France reports eight high school students have immolated selves in protests this month.

Source: Daniel, Clifton, Editor in Chief, Chronicle of the 20th Century. © Chronicle Publications, Mount Kisco, N.Y. ISBN 0-942191-01-3

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