May 1974

 Washington: Judiciary committee rejects edited transcripts as substitute for tapes.

 Annapolis: Appeals court orders disbarment of Agnew for tax evasion.

 New Delhi: 700 union leaders arrested in move to avert rail strike.

 Dublin: I.R.A. threatens destruction of $20 million in stolen art masterpieces if political prisoners are not released.

 DEATH: Duke Ellington, 75, most prolific jazz composer.

 Bonn: Chancellor Brandt resigns in spy scandal.

 San Francisco: League of Women Voters decides to admit men.

 Milwaukee: Boston Celtics beat Bucks for NBA title.

 Rome: Italians vote 60% to keep three-year-old law allowing divorce in Catholic country.

 A. H. Robins co. has yielded to pressure from the U.S. FDA to take its intrauterine contraceptive device off the market. (The Dalkin Shield)

 Yesterday Arab guerrillas ambushed a car, killing one and wounding 10, drove to Maalot Israel, where they seized a school and held 90 children hostage. Israeli troops stormed the school, killing many of the captors but also 26 students.

 Dublin: Three auto bombs kill 23, injure 80 at height of rush hour.

N.Y.: Gov. Wilson signs bill to restore limited death penalty.

Police storm house, killl Hearst captors. Patty Hearst, the guerrilas' hostage for 104 days, was not with them and is presumed alive. (Symbionese Liberation Army)

U. S. Defense Dept. admits making rain in Indochina to slow Hanoi troops.

 Philadelphia: Flyers wins Stanley Cup

Washington: Jeb Magruder, deputy dir. of re-election campaign given 10 months for break-in and cover-up. 

 N.Y.: Francis, only pregnant white whale in captivity, dies of poisoning at N.Y. Aquarium.

 Johnny Rutherford comes from 25th place to win Indy 500 at 158 mph in McLaren racer

Washington: Nixon agrees to turn over 1,200 pages of edited Watergate transcripts.

Exactly one month after President Nixon went on television to release edited transcripts of Watergate tapes, the possibility of his impeachment has increased.

Source: Daniel, Clifton, Editor in Chief, Chronicle of the 20th Century. © Chronicle Publications, Mount Kisco, N.Y. ISBN 0-942191-01-3

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