September 1971

Belfast: Bombs injure 39, ruin Unionist Party offices

 Saigon: Nguyen Cao Ky, barred from ballot, threatens coup if election proceeds.

 Alaska: 109 died as jetliner hits mountain.

 London: BBC bars "Sesame Street: because of the show's authoritarian aims.

New York: Convicts revolt at Attica, hold 32 guards

Michigan: Six KKK members arrested for ten school bus bombings in Pontiac

N.Y.: Black Panther leader bobby Seales brought in to negotiate with Attica convicts.

 Nikita Khrushchev died in Moscow in obscurity. He succumbed to a heart attack.

 Mongolia: Ex-Mao aid Lin Piao, seeking refuge in U.S.S.R. after failed coup, dies in plane crash.

 New York: Nine hostages, 28 prisoners killed as 1,000 police storm Attica.

 Leningrad goes wild over Duke Ellington on Soviet tour.

New York: Stan Smith wins U.S. Open tennis title.

Look magazine fails in television era.

Hugo Black retires from U.S. Supreme Court

 Israel and Egypt exchange fire over Suez Canal after 13-month truce.

 U.S. reveals eight unanswered 1945 letters from Ho Chi Minh seeking aid against French colonial rule

 Capt. Ernest Media is cleared of Mylai charges. He was last man to face a murder charge in the Mylai incident.

 John Harlan retires from U.S. Supreme Court.

London expels 105 Soviets for espionage.

 DEATH: Hugo Black, retired Supreme Court justice

 Belgrade: Tito, Brezhnev sign declaration asserting Yugoslav independence

Source: Daniel, Clifton, Editor in Chief, Chronicle of the 20th Century. © Chronicle Publications, Mount Kisco, N.Y. ISBN 0-942191-01-3

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