September 1972

 U. S. Army ends inquiry into Mylai massacre, punishes three more.

Bomb explosion followed by a flash fire in a Montrael nightclub killed at least 22 persons and injured 60-75 others.

 Bobby Fischer is world chess champ by deafeating the Russian master Boris Spassky and then showed up an hour late for the award ceremony

 Mark Spitz, 22 year old American swimmer wins 7 gold medals.

 Munich: 11 on Israeli Olympic team slain by four Arab terrorists; four Arabs killed.

 Washington: 25 generals forced to retire; Al Haig named to second highest military post.

 U. S. cancels Jimmy Hoffa's permit to go to hanoi on peace seeking mission

 Israeli jets streaked deep into Lebanon and Syria today bombing and strafing Palestinian guerrilla bases in retaliation for the bloody massacre at the Olympic Games

 Munich: Frank Shorter is first American to win Olympic marathon since 1908.

 California: Mass murder trial of Juan Corona begins.

GOP files countersuit against ex-Democratic national chairman for making issue of Watergate.

 U.S. halts $3 million loan to Uganda after Idi Amin praises Hitler.

 Pope Paul VI today abolished the Tonsure, the circular shaving of the head of aspirants to the priesthood. Henceforth it will be a voluntary option.

Seven in Watergate break-in are indicted. Two former White House aides, E. Howard Hunt and G. Gordon Liddy were among the seven.

 Egypt and Libya agree on Cairo as joint capital.

 New York: Ali KO's Floyd Patterson in seventh.

Mass.: Mitsubishi donates $1 million to Harvard for chair in Japanese studies.

 Last week, no American soldiers died in combat in Southeast Assia. this is the first time since March 1965 that no U.S. deaths were reported in the Vietnam conflict.. Since 1961, 45,857 Americans have died in action in Southeast Asia. Another 10,274 died from non-combat, accidental or natural causes.

 Manila: Martial law declared after attack on minister.

 A privately owned jet, a former warplane, (F-86 Sabre jet) crashed into an ice cream parlor in Sacramento, Calif., killing 22 persons, ten of them children and injuring at least 26.

 Manila: Chief of opposition part arrested.

 Moscow: Three pilots freed by Hanoi refuse U.S. aid to come home.

 Peking: China, Japan agree to resume relations; Japan severs ties with Taiwan.

Source: Daniel, Clifton, Editor in Chief, Chronicle of the 20th Century. © Chronicle Publications, Mount Kisco, N.Y. ISBN 0-942191-01-3

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