Our County History
by County Historian Marion W. Coplen

In the writing of local history it is our desire to be as accurate as possible. As careful as we try to be, errors do creep into these columns. From time to time our readers call attention to mistakes that we have made. As the end of the year is considered a good time to make things right, perhaps this would be a good time to call attention to these errors.

In mentioning the building of the old Central Ward school in Warsaw in 1872 we located it at the southwest corner of Center and Detroit streets. That is incorrect. It was at the southwest corner of market and Detroit street intersection. We are indebted to Mrs. Minnie B. Gary for calling our attention to that error.

In the October 21st issue we discussed the naming of the streets of Warsaw. We gave Union street as being named at the time of the original survey of Warsaw. It was called to our attention later that the street which now bears the name Union was called Section street for many years. The street runs along one of the section lines in the original survey of the county. We are indebted to George Nye for helping us correct this error.

In the December 2nd issue we stated that Jacob McFadden was the contractor who built the second county jail which was ready for use in July of 1849. That is incorrect. McFadden was awarded a $25 prize for submitting the best plan for the jail. A man by the name of Lot Day, Sr., was the contractor who actually built the jail.

Our New Year's Resolution for 1953 is to keep this column as free as possible of errors.

Warsaw Times-Union Fri. Jan. 2, 1953