Our County History
by County Historian Marion W. Coplen

On January 13 we included in this column some information concerning past basketball tournaments in our county. Everett Hartman immediately sent us some information which caused us to do a little more research on the subject. We erroneously stated that all the county basketball tourneys between 1923 and 1930 were held in the Warsaw community building. Although the sectional tournaments were usually held there, we find that the county tournaments were often held at some other place.

Mr. Hartman stated that he thought a county tournament was held at Leesburg in 1923 or 1924. He is correct. The annual event was held at Leesburg on Feb. 15 and 16, 1924. The host school won that tournament, defeating North Webster in the final game 28-24.

Community interest in basketball increased rapidly in the 1920's. This caused a movement in most towns to build school gymnasiums which usually doubled as community halls. whenever a town built a new hall the county tourney would often be held there the first year.

Pierceton was one of the first county towns to build a gymnasium. The county tourney was held there in 1922 and 1923. North Webster won the classic in 1923, a fact that was mentioned quite often in sports stories last week when Webster won her second championship.

Milford had a new basketball gymnasium when the county tournament was held there in 1925. Mentone dedicated a new $7,000 community hall in January of 1926 and the annual contest was held there that year.

Warsaw Times-Union Sat. Jan. 24, 1953