Our County History
by County Historian Marion W. Coplen

In the last few years many of the cities and towns in this area have been holding centennial celebrations. These observances provide a good opportunity for a community to look into the past and discover how much they owe the people who have gone before. Oftentimes store windows are decorated with historical objects, and a trip through the town is about like visiting a museum.

It was just ninety-nine years ago this spring that Warsaw was incorporated as a town. That means that Warsaw could celebrate its centennial in 1954! Actually Warsaw is 117 years old, for it was in 1836 that Matthew Springer built his tamarack cabin near the present intersection of Center street and the Big Four railroad to become the first resident of the village. It was in that same year that the original plat of Warsaw was filed. The year 1854 is probably a more significant year in Warsaw's history, however. Until a town is incorporated, it is not a separate governmental unit. Warsaw was under the governmental control of Wayne township until 1854. Consequently, 1954 would be the centennial of Warsaw's corporate life.

Perhaps plans have already been considered by some local organization to observe the centennial next year. We have not heard of any, however. It seems to us that if preliminary plans are not already underway, they should be before long. It would be fine if every church, lodge, business firm, and club would see that a history of their group is written within the next year.

A general history of Warsaw should be written in time for the centennial. Perhaps these histories could be put in a special publication or in a special newspaper edition. Historical objects could be collected and prepared for display in store windows during the height of the observation. Some organization which represents the entire city should make preliminary plans, and then promote community-wide program of action!

Warsaw Times-Union Sat. May 9, 1953