Our County History
by County Historian Marion W. Coplen

Some time ago Sam Davis of Warsaw loaned us an old photo which is produced here. We have been unable so far to get all the facts concerning this picture, but thought that perhaps one of our readers might supply us additional information.

The scene is the west side of the 100 block of South Buffalo street just south of the alley. The Lake City bank is shown in this picture doing business in the same location where it is today. Just south of the bank can be seen the Williams and Hossler printing establishment. On one plate glass window can be seen the name "Warsaw Daily Times," on the other window the last part of "Indianian-Republican," which was the weekly publication at that time.

We do not know exactly when this picture was taken, but there are several things which help us determine the approximate date.

For one thing it had to be during the years that Williams and Hossler were partners. In 1882 Reub Williams, who was publishing the "Indianian," and Quincy Hossler, who was publishing the "Republican," merged their papers calling it the "Indianian-Republican." This partnership, which also published the "Daily Times," continued until Mr. Hossler's death in 1894.

The band which is playing for this occasion is the Leesburg Cornet band, as can be seen on the drum head. This band was one of the outstanding bands of the area in the 1890's. The Warsaw Cornet band had its heyday along about 1885, but seems to have fizzled out soon after. Throughout the 1890's the Leesburg band seemed to be the band that was engaged for building dedications, parades, and special events.

We would guess that this picture was taken along about 1892. Just what the occasion was we do not know. Perhaps our readers can help us.

Warsaw Times-Union Sat. Jun. 5, 1954