Our County History
by County Historian Marion W. Coplen

During the past few weeks and months, a number of letters have come to us concerning old records, manuscripts, and pictures which various individuals have in their possession. We appreciate this information very much and try to examine all materials that come to our attention.

Many times individuals feel that manuscripts which they have in their possession are of no value to anyone but themselves. This is not always true. There are cases when these records include some information which, when combined with facts that can be found in the atlases and county histories, reveal a very interesting story on some local area or past event. Handwritten materials are often more valuable than printed materials, because there is only one copy of the former. Diaries are exceptionally valuable, especially if the writer kept track of important events of the day. There are times, of course, when manuscripts reveal personal information which no ethical historian would pass on to others.

The county historian is interested in receiving information concerning manuscripts and other historical items which would be available for inspection and study. This would be done in your own home or we would give you a receipt for the manuscript and return it to you after a few days.

We are also interested in interviewing people who can give us information on our county's past history. Every section of the county has an interesting history of its own which may be lost if it is not recorded. Many times individuals who have a great store of information are too modest to make themselves known. If there is someone in your neighborhood who has lived in the area for a number of years, send his name to us as an interview possibility.

Warsaw Times-Union Sat. July 11, 1953