Our County History
by County Historian Marion W. Coplen

The reunion season is here. Every Sunday during the summer months families are meeting for their annual get-togethers.

The belief of a few years ago that the reunion as a social institution was on the way out seems to be untrue. There are not only family reunions, but there are also many school reunions held.

Some years ago the "twin" reunion was started by a Claypool man at the Warsaw city park. Prizes were given for the most identical twins, the prettiest twins, etc. This reunion is still being held although it has grown so much that only big cities can accommodate the group.

A record of inestimable value would be preserved for historians and genealogists if the secretary or some interested person involved in each reunion centering in Kosciusko county would write something about their reunion and sent it to the county historian.

Family histories and biographies are important local history materials. Oftentimes families are too modest to write a biography of a family member. The life of a "leading citizen" automatically reflects much of a community's history.

We feel that a manuscript file of biographies could very well be started at the Public Library and be added to as more biographies are written. A life of Jesse Eschbach, Sr., Lemuel W. Royse or Everett Rasor --to mention only a few--written by some member of their family or a close associate, would be of great value.

Warsaw Times-Union Sat. July 19, 1953