Our County History
by County Historian Marion W. Coplen

This year we have seen a local railroad company pass out of existence. In this column today we are going to recall to memory two historic journeys on the Winona railway--the first and the last. The Winona railroad has played its part and played it well in the years it has served this community. If any readers of this column have any stories or reminiscences of the Winona Railroad company, send them to us. Even the smallest will be of interest.

Beginning in May of 1903, the rails of the new transportation company were laid from the powerhouse near the Winona entrance to the center of the business district in Warsaw. A group of girls who were staying at Ferry Hall, Winona Lake, were promised the first ride on the new line, and on May 26 the promise was fulfilled. As the line had been built only as far as Scott street at the time, the girls boarded the car at the power house and were taken to the corner of Center and Scott and back again.

The sequel to this memorable journey occurred 49 years and five days later when about 60 persons made the last journey on the line, riding from Warsaw to New Paris and back again on May 31, 1952. These were truly memorable journeys.

Warsaw Times-Union Tues. July 22, 1952