Our County History
by County Historian Marion W. Coplen

Every now and then someone writes a county, township, or town history involving our county. Many of these have been "subscription" histories and have there been largely biographical in nature. As far as this office knows, the following is a complete list of such published histories:

Historical Atlas of Kosciusko county, 1879
Biographical and Historical Record of Kosciusko County, 1887
Leesburg and Plain Township, James W. Armstrong, 1914
History of Kosciusko county, 2 Vol. Judge Lemuel W. Royse, 1919
Winona, Vincent Gaddis, 1949

If there have been any other published works of this nature, or if there are any such non-published works, we would like to know about it. These histories are of great value, and will be of greater value, as time goes on. Many of these volumes are prized possessions in family libraries. If at any time a family plans to discard such volumes they should be turned over to a library or a historical society. Incidentally, there seems to be very few copies of Armstrong's production in existence.

The fact that no general history of the county has been written since 1919, and that the story of only one township and two towns have been chronicled indicates that we have much work to do. Someone has compared a community which does not know its own history to a man who has lost his memory. It is not the highest trained historian who will write the local history of each community in this vast country. If the local history is to be written at all, it will have to be done by an interested citizen or group of citizens in each community.

Warsaw Times-Union Tues. Aug. 5, 1952