Our County History
by County Historian Marion W. Coplen

Seventy years ago today interested members of the United Brethren church met at Hendee's hall in Warsaw and started a local church organization which has been in existence ever since. George Hendee, owner and proprietor of a shoe store on South buffalo street, had equipped a room above his store as a meeting place for various community groups.

There were eleven members in the original congregation and they held meetings in Hendee's upstairs room for a year under the leadership of layman Daniel Dietz.

In May of 1883 these members purchased a frame church which the Presbyterians had been using and moved it to a lot at the corner of West Market and Pine streets. The cost to this small congregation was $1,339 for the church, the lot, and the moving. The church building, rededicated on August 5, 1883, became their church home for a little more than a decade and was called unofficially "the little white church". The first pastor was Rev. A. Maynard Cummins.

Four years after its organization the church had grown from an eleven member congregation to one of 73.

In 1894 the membership purchased a lot at the northeast corner of Center and Washington streets, and under the pastorate of Rev. J. A. Groves built on that location the church building which is now used by the congregation.

In 1920 the basement of the church was enlarged, providing more room for a membership which had now grown to 500. Continued growth made it necessary for the congregation to purchase a residence home just east of the church in order to provide even more space for Sunday school classes. This building, known as the parish House, was purchased during the depression years at the time of the 12-year pastorate of Rev. M. S. Livengood.

Present plans of the 750 member congregation (new Evangelical United Brethren) call for the building of a $200,000 edifice in the 800 block of East Center street some time in the near future.

Warsaw Times-Union Tues. Aug. 19, 1952