Our County History
by County Historian Marion W. Coplen

So many people have asked us where we get the historical information that we include in these columns, that perhaps we should spend at least one column telling about the sources available on our county's history.

One very important source, of course, is the interview. People who have lived for a number of years in the county have been very kind in giving us many a story which we could use in these columns. Records and manuscripts, many of which are in the hands of private individuals, form another important part of our source materials. We have examined record books kept by townships, libraries, Sunday schools, ledges--to mention only a few.

There have been several Kosciusko county histories written, the earliest one being in 1879. The late Judge L. W. Royce wrote an excellent two-volume history of the county in 1919 which was the last general history written. Several atlases and maps have been published throughout the years which provide important information. We are now long overdue for a good history and atlas of the county.

For many years George A. Nye has been writing on the history of our county. Recently he had many of his writings bound, and these volumes form an important source of information. Seldom do you find a community that has a man as devoted to the cause of local history as Mr. Nye.

By far the best primary source of our local history is the newspaper collections. Most of the issues of the Northern Indianian (published weekly in Warsaw from 1856 to 1919) and the Warsaw Daily Times (published since 1881) are available in bound volumes. Much of the information which we include in this column are taken from these newspaper files. We have a card file with references to much of the information in the newspapers, and have the cards arranged topically. As far as we know there are no complete files of the Warsaw Union or any of the county newspapers in existence. If any of our readers know where such files exist we would like to know about it.

Warsaw Times-Union Sat. Sept. 19, 1953