Our County History
by County Historian Marion W. Coplen

Of the early settlers coming into any pioneer area some were looking for good farm land, others were looking for a good site for a grist mill or other business, and still others were looking for a good location on which to build a city.

Whenever a land owner would feel that his land was the logical site for a town, he would hire a surveyor to come on and "plat" the proposed town area into lots. If the proprietor was a careful promoter, and if circumstances favored the site, he might realized considerable profit from the sale of his lots.

The early founders of any village had high hopes for its future. They dreamed of the day when their town would be a great metropolis. At one time there was considerable talk of changing the name of Monoquet to
Tippecanoe City", a name which was supposed to be more in keeping with the communities's unquestionable future role.

As one travels over Northern Indiana today he passes by many town sites where, although plats may have been made, no one ever bought the lots and no streets were ever built. There are other places where lots were sold, the streets were built, the town flourished for a time, but no is no more.

For some time, the County Historian has been collecting a list of crossroads settlements in the area. Most of these places were never platted, and many of these are now all but forgotten. We know where some of these are located, but of many we have no record except the name. Any information which our readers could send us concerning the location and history of any of them would be appreciated.

Here is the list as it stands at the present time: Dodgertown, Arnold's Station, Mosketo Kingdom, Panama, Oak Ridge, East Pleasant, Mound Prairie, Bolivar, Mills Creek, Rose Hill, Oneida, Plunge Creek, Stringtown, Possum Hollow, Mullentown, Skunkville, Addleburg, Tattletown, Snokeville, Hecla, Farmers Maple Avenue, Wooden, Yankee Street, Whittenberg, Stony Point, Wilmot, Union Street, Whitehead, Walnut Corners, Hastings, Ludlow, Oak Grove, lake View, Monroe, Red Bush, Stony Beach, Center, Kinzie, Westminster, Eel River, Old Dutch Dutchtown, Pleasant Scenes, Grove Chapel, Clay Hills, Huckleberry Avenue, Gordy, Happy Corners, West View, Germantown, Charlottsville and Mount Olive.

Warsaw Times-Union Tues. Oct. 7, 1952