Our County History
by County Historian Marion W. Coplen

According to latest reports the new West Ward school is to be built during the year 1953. The day that classes begin at the new school will certainly be a day when Warsawans can feel very proud--perhaps as proud as they were on Nov. 26, 1872. It was on that date that 524 pupils enrolled in not one, but three, new school buildings in Warsaw.

The year of 1872 was certainly a red-letter year in Warsaw's educational history. More was done perhaps in that year for the cause of education than in any other year in Warsaw's history. The three buildings built at the time --East, Center, and West Wards--laid the basis for the city's present three ward system.

During the winter of 1871-72 identical structures were erected on the present sites of the East and West Ward buildings. The West Ward building stands today as it was then except for an addition to the north; the East Ward building was torn down and replaced some thirty years ago. In 1871 Warsaw had one public school building' it was originally called Union school and was located at the Southwest corner of Center and Detroit streets. In April of 1872 that building was torn down and the new Central building was erected on the same location. The aggregate cost of the three new buildings was about $37,000 dollars --quite an outlay of money for those times.

When the new buildings were ready for occupancy, Supt. O. W. Miller announced the date for the beginning of the term. Eleven teachers--seven at the Central school and two at each of the Ward buildings--were on hand on that opening day 80 years ago this week.

When the West Ward structure is torn down the last of these historic buildings will be gone. If any of our readers have pictures of these buildings as they originally stood we would like to take copies of them and use them as illustrative material in a future article. Any human interest material which any of our readers could supply would be appreciated.

Warsaw Times-Union Sat. Nov. 25, 1952