Our County History
by County Historian Marion W. Coplen

For three weeks during November of 1913, Alabama Evangelist Bob Jones, Sr., conducted revival services in Warsaw. Nearly all the churches of the city cooperated in the series of meetings. A special tabernacle was constructed on West Center street in order to have a place big enough to hold the large audiences that attended the services. The lumber for the tabernacle was late in arriving at Warsaw, but it was built in four days with volunteer help.

Nineteen evening services with an average attendance of 2,000 were held between November 9 and 30. A choir of 250 mixed voices under the leadership of Edward McKenzie sang for the services. In addition to the night services, there were 19 afternoon and 5 morning meetings. Also there were meetings in factories, on the streets, and in nearby towns.

The campaign was hailed as a great success. The estimated number of conversions was 1,000 and the number of cards by converts was 825. Four hundred thirty-five members joined the churches of Warsaw immediately after the meetings. In commenting upon the revival efforts a local paper stated on December 4 that "the effects of the great revival are visible everywhere. Every line of business has felt the influence of the religious awakening." Many of the older members of the local churches still refer to the "Bob Jones meeting".

If any of our readers have a picture of the tabernacle we would like to borrow it long enough to make a copy. Any additional information which anyone could supply would be appreciated.

Warsaw Times-Union Sat. Nov. 29, 1952