Our County History
by County Historian Marion W. Coplen

The Kosciusko county history published in 1887 under the title "Biographical and Historical Records" gives a very interesting account of the wedding of Miss Adeline Trimble and Fred Summy which took place in October, 1834. This event is recorded as the first marriage in Van Buren township; it probably was also the first in our county. This wedding probably took place in the area known as Little Turkey Creek Prairie, about half way between Milford and Leesburg.

According to the account all the settlers within twenty miles were invited to be present. the festivities lasted for two days. On the first day the bride's father was host; on the second day, the groom's family provided the entertainment. The ladies of the neighborhood were busily engaged for a week before the wedding preparing for the feast. Portions of the account follow:

"The father of the bride determined to make this event one of historical importance, and well did he succeed. A large pound was built to secure the stock of all who came, and guards were placed about the enclosure for further safety. The young couple were married in the presence of fully one hundred people. The ladies looked lovely in gowns of linsey woolsey, and many of the gentlemen wore hunting shirts instead of the conventional 'Prince Albert'; moccasins of their own manufacture encased feet that kept lively time to the merry music later in the evening; it was an occasion of general rejoicing, and the feast lasted all the afternoon and evening, the whole concluded with a dance, enjoyed by both young and old."

The account goes on to say that the celebration given the next day by the father of the groom was a repetition of the preceding day's festivities.

Warsaw Times-Union Tues. Dec. 15, 1953