Our County History
by County Historian Marion W. Coplen

This column has been appearing in the Times-Union twice a week for a little over five months. We are pleased with the way our readers have received our efforts. Many have telephoned and others have written us letters concerning information which we have included in this column. Some of the letters have given us valuable clues which have led us to still other information. Errors have been corrected for which we are very appreciative. Every letter received has been carefully kept and the information placed in our files.

Joe Ettinger sent us a pamphlet giving the premium list of a fair held at Spring Fountain park years ago. Mrs. Everett Shipley supplied us with a booklet which gave an account of the golden wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Isaiah J. Morris held in Warsaw on may 1, 1894. Mrs. Dale Smith loaned us a copy of a Brief History of Kosciusko County which was published about 1911.

Several photographs have been sent to us. The column on bands brought a very fine picture of an Etna Green band of yesteryear sent in by Althea Hamlin. After reading the account of the Bob Jones meeting which appeared in the November 29th issue, Clifford Goshert supplied us with a picture of the tabernacle used for evangelistic services. The column on the first automobile brought several pictures of early automobiles in our county.

We do not claim to be the final authority on any subject which is discussed in this column. We have had a very limited knowledge on many of the topics included, and frankly, we have wanted our readers to supply us with more definite information. For example, last Saturday's column was about medical doctors who have given long years of service in our county. Immediately upon reading the column several of our readers called our attention the the names of medical men whose names were omitted. Because of their kindness in responding we have more information which we can include in future columns.

We hope that more and more of you will respond to our column with comments, criticisms, and information supplied by you and pieced together with information supplied by another, may reveal a colorful story from our interesting past.

Warsaw Times-Union Tues. Dec. 16, 1952