Our County History
by County Historian Marion W. Coplen

There is so much of our county history that has never been recorded and therefore, is now difficult to recreate. We usually do a rather good job of recording political and military events, but much of the economic and social life of a community is never recorded. History has become more than an account of presidents and wars; it is also an account of the everyday life of the people.

At this Christmas season of the year it might be interesting for us to think back over the way we have observed this holiday in the past. The church programs, community observances, the family get-togethers, the caroling--all of these have formed a part of our social history. Yet local historians have usually recorded little about this important phase of the story of our county.

There is a spirit that pervades our lives during the Christmas season which makes this season different than any other. This spirit is expressed in many ways: the decorating of a Christmas tree, the singing of carols, the sending of Christmas cards, the giving and receiving of gifts, and in many other means of expression.

How was Christmas observed in Kosciusko county in 1870? Or 1890? Or 1920? How has our observance of this holiday changed through the years? We would like to ask each of our readers, especially those who lived in our county previous to 1920, to send us some information concerning the way Christmas was observed in your church, your community, and your home, as far back as you can remember.

Has the Christmas tree always been a part of our observances? Have we always sent cards? How much was the holiday commercialized fifty years ago? How have Christmas observances in our churches and schools changed through the years?

Much light might be thrown on many of these questions if enough of you will respond. The address of the County Historian is 927 East Fort Wayne Street, Warsaw.

Warsaw Times-Union Tues. Dec. 23, 1952