Our County History
by County Historian Marion W. Coplen

In the November 29th issue we told of the Bob Jones evangelistic meeting which was held in Warsaw for three weeks in November of 1913. This was a community affair with most of the churches of Warsaw joining in sponsoring the services. Clifford Goshert was able to supply us with a picture of the tabernacle built for the meetings, and we are including a reproduction in our column today. Volunteer workers put up the building and the photo was taken when many of the men were on the job. Mr. Goshert himself appears in the picture, the second from the right on the roof. Perhaps several of our readers were in the picture also.

The tabernacle was located on the south side of West Center street between lake and Washington streets just east of the home of Al Gerard. The structure was owned by the churches of Warsaw and remained intact for several years. During the time the Warsaw Methodists were tearing down their old church building and erecting their present house of worship in 1915, they used this tabernacle for their services.

(Photo on microfilm is not good enough to reproduce here.)

Warsaw Times-Union Sat. Dec. 27, 1952