Did you ever wonder how much it cost to fly from here to there? Or whether you could get there from here at all? I've always been curious about such things as how much does it cost to fly from Trinidad to Santa Lucia. Well it costs $33, but it is much more practical to know that the fare from South Bend to Chicago is $3.80 (and don't forget that little line, plus federal tax).

Sky Writing now has on hand a marvelous book that gives all the airline schedules and rates in the world. Today I'm going to list a few places you can fly, from here to there and how much it costs. If you are one of those people that sit around railroad stations reading time-tables, go find a railroad station and read this one:

Chicago, $3.80; Detroit $7.05; Los Angeles, $97.80; St. Louis, $16.65; Mexico City, $99.90; Battle Creek, Michigan, $3.65; Buffalo, N.Y., $20.85; Windsor, Ontario, $9.05, and many other points for more or less. Where was it you wanted to go?


St. Louis, $11.75; San Francisco, $100.60; Washington, D. C., $26.45; Jacksonville, Fla., $38.95; Miami, $56.95; Orlando, Fla., $45.10; Tallahassee, Fla., $36.10; Havana, $76.95, and if you'd like to go both ways to and from Havana, the total bill would be $115.00 round trip.

New York, $30.10; Akron, $9.60; Boston $37.55; Cleveland, $9.60; Pittsburgh, $16.45; Philadelphia, $27.40; South Bend $3.95; Washington, D. C. $25.50; Cincinnati, $7.60; Dayton, $4.30, and almost any place else you wish to go.

From CHICAGO to:
Los Angeles $94.00; Honolulu, Hawaii, $229; Denver, $45.50; Salt Lake City, $64.50, Washington, D. C., $30.00; Reno, $86.10 if you can't wait; Abilene, Texas, $53.90; Dallas and Fort Worth $45.80; Mexico City, $96.10; Oklahoma city, $36.60; Phoenix, Arizona, $78.35; Windsor, Ontario, $12.60; Grand Canyon, $76.55.

This is a representative list of thousands of towns that may be reached today by modern airliner.

More glamorous, also much more expensive, are the international air-ways figures. For example:

From Chicago to:
Algiers, $820.30; Athens, $962.50; Bombay, $1,585.30; Cairo, $1, 106.50; London, $356.30; Rome, $455.30.

From New York to:
London, $325.00; Frankfort, $373.00; Calcutta, $889.00; Bermuda, $70.00; Azores, $247.00.

West bound you can really spend money. Suppose you take off

From San Francisco to
New Zealand, $599.00; Bangkok, $858.00; Guam, $567.00; Hong Kong, $726.00; Honolulu, this is a bargain at only $135.00; Manila, $726; Okinawa, $680.00; Shanghai, $750.00; Tokyo, $650.00; Wake Island, $489.00.

Round the World
Strangely enough the fare for a flight around the world is only $1,700 U.S. money. You may start and end at Boston, New York, Washington, Los Angeles or San Francisco.

Air Freight and Express
You may ship 50 pounds from Chicago to Miami for $6.65; or to get it down into figures to anywhere, air freight cost, $3.35 per 25 pounds, per 100 miles; 100 pounds goes 1,000 miles for $10.40; 1,000 pounds will fly 1,000 miles for $104 and the flying time en route is five hours. If you want it bad enough and quick enough, it's worth it.

Air Express is another matter and rates are somewhat different. For some reason unknown to me, a lowly dollar will fly one pound from a one hour, 200 mile trip all the way to a 15 hour, 3,000-mile distance. Three pounds of express will go 200 miles for $1.02, but will also go 3,000 miles for only $2.21; heavy express, 25 pounds cost $1.54 for the first 200 miles, only $18.42 for 3,000 miles.

If you are looking for a bargain, I find in the book that you can ship one pound from Cairo, Egypt, to Addis Ababba for only 74 cents. Those Ethiopians are all right.

Back Home in Indiana
At Municipal airport, the boys are dragging the driveway and parking lot, smoothing it up. I don't believe we ever noted that Perry C. Smith from Chestnut street, Winona Lake is taking lessons now.

At Smith field, Russell Huff from Milford is learning to fly. Freddy Strauss and Jack Doswell giving him instruction. A number of the boys at Smith field are taking advantage of a unique arrangement with Jim Snodgrass to get inexpensive flying. Jim owns an Ercoupe. A few of the pilots among them Tay Hess, Jay Shue, Dick Bennett, Paul Forney, Claude Harmon, and Elmore Ausherman have been flying the Ercoupe on sort of a cost-plus basis under an agreement with Jim. In effect, they have a club which makes possible flying time they can afford.

Oh, I almost forgot, how many tickets to Honolulu do you want?

Warsaw Daily Times Wed. Nov. 5, 1947

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