List of Volunteer Troops from Kosciusko County

Roster of Company H, I.N.G., and Men in Other Branches of Service

Captain Lester L. Boggs, commanding , Warsaw.

First Lieutenant Fred L. Longfellow, Warsaw

Second Lieutenant Lawrence Brubaker, Warsaw

Sergt. Lawrence M. Gibson, Warsaw. Mother: Mrs. John Gibson, Warsaw

Sergt. Arwid McConnell, 511 North Columbia St., Warsaw. Mother: Mrs. O. McConnell

Sergt. Richard C. Robinson, 521 McClellan St., Warsaw. Parents: Mr. & Mrs. J. J. Robinson.

Sergt. Ralph C. Lichtenwalter, 619 East Market St., Warsaw. Father: W. K. Lichtenwalter.

Peterson, Sergt. Leverette A., 510 East Ft. Wayne St., Warsaw. Parents: David A. Peterson, Mrs. M. A. Peterson.

Corporal Harry D. Bowen, Warsaw. Parent: Hugh Bowen, who served in Civil war in Twelfth Indiana regiment.

Corporal Fred B. Cripe, Warsaw. Mother Hester A. Cripe.

Corporal Arthur R. Clark , 770 West Market St., Warsaw. Parents: Wilson and Ida Clark.

Corporal Thomas J. Douglass, Warsaw. Parents: C. W. and Anna Cecelia Douglass.

Corporal Homer D. Hubler, Parents: William D. and Della Hubler. Grandparents: David H. Hubler, Catherine Hubler and Mrs. J. Engle.

Corporal Merl D. Zimmerman, R. F. D. 3, Pierceton, Indiana.

Albertson, Frank Claypool, Ind. Parents: Charles and Sadie Albertson. Grandparents: Margaret Davis, Nathan Albertson

Alleman, William Emerson Warsaw. Parents W. D. and Minnie E. Alleman. Grandparents: S. D. and Lavina Knowles J. B and Caroline Alleman.

Atchison, Floyd Warsaw. Parents: Isaac and Martha Atchison. Grandparents: Thomas and Hetty Powers.

Baker, Dewey Vallorous Mentone, Ind. Parents: B. Y. and Edith B. Baker. Grandparents: Hammond and Sarah Baker.

Baugher, Forrest Pierceton. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. George R. Davis.

Baum, Everett W. 609 North Union St., Warsaw. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Leo Hankins. Grandparent: Mrs. George W. Baum.

Baum, George Raymond 619 West Jefferson St., Warsaw. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. George Baum, Grandparents: Mr. and Mrs. William Boggs, Mr. and Mrs. David Baum.

Bibler, Leroy Warsaw. Father: L. J. Bibler

Bilz, Clarence L. Fort Wayne, Ind. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Bilz. Grandparents: John Bilz., Sr., John

Bowlby, Fred C. 210 North Reed St., Warsaw. Parents: Joseph F. and Malinda Bowlby.

Buell, Russell 953 East Ft. Wayne St., Warsaw. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Buell. Grandparents: Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Rouch.

Bullers, Harry K. 640 South Buffalo St., Warsaw. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. William Bullers. Grandparents: Mr. and Mrs. James Bullers.

Bratt, Clyde 216 West Center St., Warsaw. Father: William E. Bratt. Grandparents: Mr. and Mrs. George W. Bratt, Mr. and Mrs. Warble.

Brown, Dale E. R. F. D. 3, Warsaw.

Byers, Edward S. 410 East South St., Warsaw. Parents: Milton and Mary E. Byers.

Byrer, Ralph Henry Warsaw. Parents: John M. and Della Garber Byrer.

Carteaux, Charles W. Warsaw. Parents: Augustus and Mayme Carteaux.

Conklin, Harry L. R. F. D. 5, Warsaw.

Cook, Victor Warsaw. Parent: Mrs. George Cook. Grandparents: Mr. and Mrs. Truman Holman, Mr. and Mrs. George Cook.

Coplen, Kenneth Mentone, Ind. Parents: John and Ida M. Coplen, Mentone.

Cox, Donald 910 Garfield St., Warsaw. Parents: Everett D. and Mary A. Cox. Grandparents: Amberson and Margaret Jones.

Crall, William J., Seward township. Parents: Simon and Harriet Crall. Father served in Civil war. Grandparents: Henry and Julia Crall, deceased.

Cripe, Ernest S. 3 ½ miles northwest of warsaw. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Cripe. Grandparents: Mr. and Mrs. David D. Harmon.

Crouch, Charles North Webster, Ind. Parents: J. E. and Mary Crouch. Grandparent: John W. Guy.

Danielson, Raymond 1039 East Baker St. Warsaw. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. William Danielson. Grandparents: Mr. and Mrs. John Barrick, Mr. and Mrs. James K. Danielson.

Davis, Ben 211 West Ft. Wayne St. Parents: Abraham and Lydia Davis. Father served in Civil War.

Hartman, George A. Oswego, Ind. Parents: Benjamin and Myra Hartman. Father served in Civil war as member of Company B, 74 th Indiana. Grandparents: Peter Hartman, James C. Thompson, deceased.

Henderson, Harold R. R. 4, Warsaw. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Henderson.

Hicks, Riley 928 East Sheridan St., Warsaw. Parent: Mr. H. V. Grimes, Warsaw.

Hilliard, Glenn S. East Center St. Warsaw. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Grant Hilliard.

Hire. Bryan Sevastopol. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Alpheus Hire.

Hire, Clifford C. R. F. D. 3 Warsaw. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Alpheus Hire, Warsaw. Grandparents: Mr. and Mrs. Lem Hatfield, Burket, Ind.

Hite, Ira C. 909 East Sheridan St., Warsaw. Father Samuel C. Hite. Grandparents: Mr. and MRs. Ira C. Sowles, Packerton, Mr. and Mrs. William Hite.

Holloway, Hobart Estle Warsaw. Mother: Mrs. Henry Holloway.

Hoagland, Jerry Warsaw. Parents: Charles and Effie J. Hoagland, Terre Haute, Ind. Grandparent: Mrs. B. A. Hoagland, Warsaw.

Howe, Clayton Warsaw, Ind.

Hughes, Leroy 221 South Grant St., Warsaw. Parents: Mrs. J. Herrin, Warsaw; Elva M. Hughes, Cutler, Ind. Grandfather: William M. Lewis, Lafayette, Ind.

Johnson, Donald 1230 East Clark St. Warsaw.

Kelly, Marvin 942 East Fort Wayne St., Waraw. Parents: Daniel and Sarah Kelly, Warsaw.

Kindig, Vernon Akron, Ind. Parents: Orvil and Alfaretta King, Akron, Ind.

Kissinger, Floyd E. near South Whitley, Ind. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kissinger. Grandparents: Mr. and Mrs. Elam Robbins.

Kline, Ivan B. North Webster, Ind. Parents: Nat J. and Susanna Kline, North Webster. Grandparents: Mr. and Mrs. Nat W. Kline and Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Brower.

Konkle, Edgar near Warsaw, Ind. Parents: Charles and Della Konkle, northwest of Warsaw. Grandparents: D. W. and Eliza Konkle.

Koser, Miles Elwood 319 West Market St. Warsaw. Foster parents: Mr. and Mrs. S. Weisner, Warsaw.

Kuhn, Leroy Barbee Lake, Ind. Parents: John H. and Anna Kuhn. Grandparents: Mr. and Mrs. David Kyle; Daniel Kuhn.

Ladd, James M. 310 West Center St., Warsaw. Parents: E. R. and Sarah M. Ladd.

Leifer, Fred E. 723 East Market St., Warsaw. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. George Leifer, Warsaw. Grandparents: Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Leifer, Mr. and Mrs. John Wilkins, deceased.

Lessig, Donald East Center St., Warsaw. Mother: Mrs. David H. Lessig.

Lichtenwalter, Donald 619 East Market St., Warsaw. Father: W. K. Lichtenwalter. Grandparent: Mrs. J. B. Lichtenwalter.

Linn, George S. Pierceton, Ind. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Silas E. Linn, Pierceton. Grandparent: George Baumgartner.

Lock, Stanley H. Warsaw. Mother: Mrs. Florence Weaver, Vevay, Ind. Grand parents: Daniel Lock, Mrs. Cecelia Hines.

Long, Ernest W. Akron, Ind. Mother: Mrs. Dora Burkett, Akron, Ind. Grandparents: Mrs. Dora Burkett, Akron, Ind. Grandparents: Mrs. S. E. Carter, Mrs. Matie Engart.

Mackie, Charles C. Winona Lake, Ind.

Maish, Vernon West South St., Warsaw. Grandfather: Philip Maish, who served in Civil War.

Maggart, Chester A. Syracuse, Ind. Parents: George and Susanna Maggart. Grandparents: Jacob and Elizabeth Maggart.

McClellan, George E. Jr. Warsaw. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. G. E. McClellan, North Union St., Warsaw.

McDonald, Grant R. F. D 2, Milford, Ind.

McDonald, Grant E. Jefferson township. Parents: Noah Franklin and Rachel McDonald, Jefferson township. Grandparents: Jacob B. and Esther Miller.

Melick, Glenn D. 749 East Center St., Warsaw. Parents: Leroy A. and Etta B. Melick. Grand Parents: Samuel and Miranda Melick, Morgan Darling and Mary J. Vanwinkle.

Merley, Adolph Akron, Ind.

Mickey, Porter R. F. D 3, Warsaw.

Mickey, Walter Warsaw. Parents: Oliver and Nora Mickey.

Miller, Rex Milford, Ind. Mother: Mrs. Jacob Miller, Grandfather: John Rex.

Mitchell, Robert A. Rochester. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Faulkerson, Rochester, Ind. Grandfather: A. A. Mitchell.

Moore, Jesse Elkhart, Ind. Father: Henry Moore.

Neff, William Edward 615 South Buffalo St. Warsaw. Parents: Jacob and Laura Neff, Warsaw. Grandparents: George Slater and Jacob Neff.

Nine, Hurless L. Warsaw. Parents: James and Maggie Nine, Warsaw. Grandparents: Jacob and Mary
Nine, Peter and Rhoda Beatty.

Noyes, Lucius V. R. F. D. 9, Rochester, Indiana.

Peterson, John C. Warsaw. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Peterson. Grandparents: Mr. and Mrs. John A. Peterson.

Phillips, Loren 515 East Market St., Warsaw

Phillips, Russell James Warsaw. Mother: Mrs. Jeanette Phillips 121 East Main St. Warsaw. Grandparents: Mr. and Mrs. James Beveridge.

Phillips, Thomas M. 2 miles southwest of Warsaw. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Phillips. Grandparents: Mr. and Mrs. M. V. Kinch, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Phillips.

Pittinger, Alexander near Warsaw. Parents: C. E. and Grace Pittenger. Grandparents: Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Pittenger, Mr and Mrs. F. J. Ettinger.

Powers, James Warsaw. Parents: T. J. and Hettie Ann Powers. Father served in Civil War. Second enlistment, having served three years with 169
th Company, Fortress Monroe, Virginia

Primley, William McKinley Burket, Ind.

Rabbitt, Carl D. Warsaw, R. R. No. 3. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Rabbitt, Warsaw. Grandparents: N. W. Rabbitt, Marion, Indiana. Mrs. H. A. Byrer, Warsaw.

Rabbitt, Mark R. R. No. 3, Warsaw. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Rabitt, Warsaw. Grandparents, N. W. Rabbitt, Marion, Indiana. Mrs. H. A. Byrer, Warsaw.

Rabbitt, Orie R. R. No. 3. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Rabbitt, Warsaw. Grandparents. N. W. Rabbitt, Marion, Indiana, Mrs. H. A. Byrer, Warsaw.

Rasor, Everett Warsaw. Parents: Aaron A. and Elizabeth Rasor, Warsaw. Grandparents: Noah Rasor and Milton Juday.

Rigdon, Dale Allison Warsaw. Second enlistment. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Rigdon. Grandparents: Captain D. W. Rigdon, who served in Civil war and Sergt. James Muscrofft, who also served in Civil War.

Ritter, Russell Leesburg, Indiana.

Ritter, William E. Warsaw.

Robinson, Harlan E. Milford, Indiana. Parents: James W. and Martha Robinson, Milford, Indiana. Grandparents: William and Caroline Harlan and Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Robinson.

Rose, Lloyd R. F. D 4 Warsaw

Ruse, Harry Warsaw Parents: Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Ruse, Warsaw. Grandparents: Lewis A. and Sarah Ruse, J. P. and Sarah Helsey.

Schrader, Niles 221 North Detroit St. Warsaw

Sears, Albert Mentone Ind.

Seigfred, Edward Gilead, Ind. Parents: William C. and Ella Seigfred, Gilead. Grandparents: A. K. Medeford and W. G. Seigfred.

Shaffer, Clarence South Whitley, Ind. Mother: Ella Arnold.

Sherwood, Russell Elsworth Claypool, Ind., R. R. No. 4. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Ora Sherwood, Claypool. Grandparent: Levi Smith, Warsaw.

Short, Hubert V. 215 West Jefferson St., Warsaw. Parents: Henry V. and Catherine Short, deceased. Grandparents: John and Mary Short, and James and Mary Conrad.

Smith, Harry R. Mentone, Ind. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. I. K. Smith, Mentone.

Snell, Richardson 610 North West St. Warsaw. Parents: William and Julia Snell, Warsaw. Grandparents: Elias and Mary Snell, Alexander and Louisa Aller.

Stahl, Howard C. Sidney, Ind. Parents: Elmer and Gertie Stahl, Sidney. Grandparents: Jacob Stahl and Caleb Zook, Civil war veterans.

Starner, Merle J. Warsaw Parents: Aaron and Lizzie Starner, Warsaw. Grandparents: George and Anna Starner, John and Rebeccca Greider.

Stiver, Roy C. 1410 East Market St. Warsaw. Father: J. H. Stiver, Warsaw. Grandparents: Mr. and Mrs. H. Stiver, and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Mericken.

Stokes, Kenneth 326 North Lake St., Warsaw. Parents: Locke and Cora Stokes, Warsaw. Grandparents: William and Susan Stokes, and Nathan and Sarah Hosier.

Stookey, Fred E. Plain township. Parents: Milan and Minnie M. Stookey, Plain township. Grandparents: Samuel and Margaret Glant, and Jefferson and Rebecca Stookey.

Story, Myron R. F. D. 3, Pierceton, Ind.

Summe, Omer F. Mentone. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Summe, Mentone. Grandparents: Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Summe.

Summe, John B. Mentone, Ind. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Summe, Mentone. Grandparents: Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Summe.

Summy, Hobart V. East Fort Wayne St. Warsaw. Mother: Mrs. M. H. Summy.

Thomas, Homer P. Warsaw. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. P. S. Thomas, Centralia, Ill. Grandparent: Mrs. Flora H. Thomas, Warsaw.

Thompson, Charles H. Warsaw. Parents: Robert S. and Mary Thompson, Mattoon, Wisconsin.

Underhill, Deverll Harold Silver Lake. Parents: Loren and Clara Underhill, Silver Lake, Ind. Grandparents: Gilbert K. Smith and Perry Underhill.

Van Doran, Harold Donavan 651 South Buffalo St. Warsaw. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. James VanDoran. Warsaw. Grandparent: John Kessler.

Wainwright, Charles O. 310 South Columbia St. Warsaw. Parent: Mr. and Mrs. John Wainwright, Warsaw. Grandparents: Ezra Uplinger and Sarah Wainright.

Wakefield, Claude 1407 South Hanna St. Fort Wayne, Ind. Grandparents: Charles and Sarah Harris, Warsaw.

Weimer, Claude North Webster, Ind. Parents: J. W. Weimer and Sadie Jarrett, near North Webster. Grandparents: Ann Weimer and James Jarrett.

Winship, Wynn A. 310 South Lake St. Warsaw. Parents: Nelson (deceased) and Mabel E. Winship. Father served in Civil war. Grandparents: Rezin and Nancy Winship, Alex and Mary Mackey.

Wright, James B. Warsaw, R. R. No. 4. Parents: William J. and Alice Wright, near Warsaw. Grandparents: Mr. and Mrs. Elias Ritter and Mr. and Mrs. John Wright.

Yates, Lloyd O. R. F. D. 4, Warsaw. Father: W. H. Yates.

Zolman, Charles D. 1015 East Center St., Warsaw. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Zolman, Warsaw. Grandparents: Mr. and Mrs. David Zolman, and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Goshert.

Warsaw Daily Times, Saturday August 4, 1917

Warsaw Boys Soon to Enter War

Warsaw Guardsmen to enter U.S. Service Sunday
Company H will be in Camp on the Golf Links at Winona. Await Orders to Move

(United Press) Washington D. C. Aug. 4 -The United States will call into active service tomorrow its last group of national guardsmen, numbering 75, 745 soldiers. At the same time all militia troops, not now federalized, will automatically be summoned. With this call the country has an estimated total of 400,000 or more national guardsmen ready for intensive training in southern camps.

According to present schedules, training camps will be ready for use Aug. 15. With this mobilization completed, the war department proposes to send a portion of the better trained units abroad between now and winter, though the bulk of these troops will be trained intensely until spring.


About 200 Warsaw Guardsmen will go into the actual service of Uncle Sam on Sunday, Aug. 5. This will include about 165 members of Company H, of Warsaw, members of the Machine Gun Company, Third Regiment, members of the Headquarters Company, Third Regiment, numerous officers in various branches of the National Guard and members of other guard organizations.

Members of Company H have been ordered to report at the Armory at 8 o'clock on Sunday morning and come prepared to remain. During the day the man will be March to the Winona Golf links, where temporary camp will be established. Company H is one of the few companies of the state with sufficient tents to house all the man. Company H has 22 large tents for the enlisted men and four smaller tents for use of the officers. The reason why Company H is so well supplied is the fact that the company still retained the tents used while on the Mexican border and also is in possession of the tents in use by the headquarters company, commanded by Captain Lester Boggs, now commandant of Company H.

The tents will be pitched on the Golf links just nrth of the old Winona power house, facing south. The officers' tents will be nearest the power house and tents of the men will be set up to form streets. Company H with about 165 men, is now as large as full battalions of the guard have been in the past, when companies numbered around 50 men.

First Lieutenant Fred Longfellow, acting commander in the absence of Captain Lester Boggs, who has been called to Washington to attend a war college, announced on Saturday that all members of the company, whose homes are in Warsaw, will be allowed to return to their homes to spend the night and eat breakfast on Monday but will be expected to report for regular duty on Monday after which time they will be housed and fed at the temporary camp. Members whose homes are not in Warsaw will be quartered and fed at the new camp on Sunday and Sunday night.

No definite orders regarding the future disposition of the guard troops, has been received by local officers and it is not known as yet how long the boys will be in camp here. Requisitions have been sent in for uniforms, blankets, guns and other equipment but as yet none has been received. By making use of old uniforms cast off by the men while on the border or after their return, it has been possible to fit out in the neighborhood of 75-less than one-half of the men of the company. The remainder of the men will be forced to wear citizens clothing until uniforms arrive or until they reach the concentration camp.

Members of the Machine Gun Company, Headquarters company and other guard organizations will also report to the home stations of the various units on Sunday morning. Rev. James M. Eakins, chaplain of the Third Regiment, has not yet received his orders, but he expects to remain in Warsaw until the regiment is mobilized. He will preach his last sermon at the Presbyterian Church on Sunday.

Warsaw Daily Times Saturday August 4, 1917


Members of Co. H Now Enroute for New Camp

Entire City Turned Out on Monday to Bid Soldiers Farewell
Memorable Occasion

Company H is now enroute to Fort Benjamin Harrison. The company--numbering about 135 enlisted men and officers--entrained at the Big Four depot in Warsaw at 12:20 o'clock on Monday afternoon. The trip was made on a special troop train, made up in Elkhart and also carrying the guard companies from Elkhart and Albion. The train was first scheduled to arrive in Warsaw at 9:15 a.m. During the morning it was reported that the train would reach Warsaw about an hour4 later. However, unexpected delays detained the train at Elkhart and Goshen and it did not pull into the local station until shortly after 12 o'clock.

Business in Warsaw was at a standstill from about 9:30 o'clock in the forenoon until after the soldiers had departed. Practically every store was closed and many other lines of business stopped work.

Shortly before the time scheduled for the troop train to arrive, the new Warsaw Concert Band paraded through the streets to the Big Four depot. Civil war veterans met at the courthouse square and marched to the station in a body. Citizens flocked to the station in automobiles and on foot. Parents, relatives and friends of the soldiers came from all parts of the county to say farewell.

Two hours before the train finally arrived the streets and vacant lots were swarming with people. In the midst of the dense crowd were the soldier boys. Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sweethearts and friends were crowding around to have a last word. Many tears were shed. Everyone was proud of the soldier boys but there were few who did not have the tell tale lump in their throats as they forced a cheery goodbye from their lips.

The crowd remain until the train finally arrived-- three long hours in the cold for many a grieving mother. They will be hours long remembered. The day will go down as a momentous one in Warsaw's history.

As the great throng was waiting around the station, it was proposed that a collection be taken for the company's fund. W. D. Fraser mounted a gray and appealed to the good citizens of Warsaw to donate liberally. The company's fine silk flag was passed, numerous collectors went through the crowd with hats and a result was gratifying. Herbert Kehler took charge of the money and will send a draft to Capt. Boggs for $137.95, the amount of the collection.

The companies baggage was loaded in a car and was attached to the train. Several coaches had been reserved for the use of the local soldiers. Various estimates placed the crowd at the depot at from 3,000 to 5,000.

Warsaw Daily Times, Monday September 10, 1917

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