First presidential candidate in history to fly his own airplane, left Warsaw Friday for Kansas City, Missouri.

He is Dr. Claude A Watson, Prohibition party nominee for the nation's top office. Dr. Watson is a certified pilot, carries with him for company and relief pilot, H. T. "Pappy" Childers. "Pappy" is unique in his own right, being one of the oldest active pilots in the United States. He has been an active airplane pilot for 27 years, has logged better than 7,000 hours of pilot time.

Both grandfathers, these two veteran campaigners have the most modern ideas concerning travel. Last August Dr. Watson and Mr. Childers took delivery of a new Stinson from the Consolidated Vultee division of the Stinson company at Wayne, Mich. Since that time they have covered more than 16, 000 miles campaigning by air.

They have not been late for a single engagement!


Their tour since August has taken them from the Pacific ocean to the Atlantic ocean, from Mexico to the Canadian border. They have visited more than 70 cities where Dr. Watson has kept speaking engagements.

Before the November election in 1948, they expect to cover more than 100,000 miles--and all by air. They see no reason why they can't maintain their record of never missing an engagement by this modern means of travel.

The pilots, one of whom is fifty years of age, the other sixty-two, landed at Smith Field, Warsaw, last Monday, to attend the board of administration convention of the Free Methodist Church, Winona Lake. They have been staying at the Westminster hotel.

As this column is being written, this modern presidential nominee and his co-pilot are winging their way from Warsaw to Kansas city. Monday they go to Wichita, Tuesday to Stillwater, Oklahoma and by mid-week expect to be back in Los Angeles, California, their home base.

It's a small world!

Instructor is Instructed!
Turning tables on the teacher, Robert Shawhan, instructor at the Akron high school is receiving flight instruction at the Rochester airport. Garland Eshelman, also of Akron is a new student at Rochester. One of the youngest pilots down there is Mickey Eaton, 17 years old, son of Rochester's "Spud" Eaton.

Three new solo pilots are winging their way along now, Delbert Good, of Kewanee, Robert Sixbey of Rochester and Carl Zolman of Mentone.

Speaking of Rochester, that's the airport with all the cats. Boy, do they have cats! I was ready to take-off from Rochester one day this week, when I felt an extra weight on the controls. Looking around, I discovered a playful kitten riding the elevator surface apparently about to hitch hike a ride into the wild-blue-yonder. Personally, I like dogs.

Pan-American World Airways this week celebrates its twentieth anniversary of overseas scheduled passenger service. Pan Am, the aristocratic giant of international air travel, started in 1927, with a whopping 90-mile run from Key West to Havana. It had 25 employees.

Today Pan-Am stretches it's pioneering finger over 108,681 route miles, employs 19,000 men and women. This includes 129 pilots who have flown more than 1,000,000 miles each and twenty who have flown more than 2,000,000 miles.

Pan-Am has a notable safety record, has flown 7,500,000 passengers 5,746,000,000 passenger-miles.

Those of us now living have witnessed an historic transformation in the field of transportation, both private and commercial. Where the British navy once reigned supreme upon world waterways, truly the lines of United States now circle the globe, the undisputed masters of the peace-time airways. May we never lose the initiative.

Warsaw Daily Times Fri. Oct. 31, 1947 

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